Watches and timepieces analysis, testing and expertise in Laboratory

The 6NAPSE Group can test and analyze watches and timepieces through compliance check services and laboratory tests.

Laboratory expertise for Watchmaking

The Luxury Industry, and in particular the Watchmaking Industry, has always been in search of innovation and quality. Large houses, manufacturers or subcontractors are subject to common requirements and criteria to produce high-end products.

From design, R&D, to industrial production, through materials control or environmental testing on the product or transport testing on its packaging: nothing should be left to chance.

The 6NAPSE Group supports manufacturers throughout the entire watch life cycle.

analyse expertise horlogerie montre laboratoire

Watches and timepieces analysis

Check the compliance of materials and the content of precious metals

  • Chemical analyzes
  • Search and dosage of impurities
  • Precious metal analysis: gold, silver, platinum content
  • Characterization of materials: leathers, polymers, metals, ceramics, composites
  • Surface analysis
  • Powder analysis
  • Glass analysis
  • Mechanical characterization (hardness measurement)
  • Identification of pollutions (MEBEDX, spectroscopy and infrared microscopy)
  • Material control

Testing and simulation

Test your watches in situation and environmental conditions

  • Climatic tests: resistance of watches over time
    • Hot-cold-humidity
    • Chemical compatibility: fluid susceptibility (sweat resistance)
    • Salt spray corrosion tests
    • UV tests: resistance to sunlight
  • Resistance of decorations, finishes and coatings
  • Packaging qualification tests (vibration, shocks, drops, etc.)
  • Failure expertise (breakage, crack, corrosion, sticking, etc.)
  • Simulation / 3D modeling of watches
  • Production Line Expertise
  • Watchmaking R&D support
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6NAPSE Group assets :

  • Reactivity: emergency 1-3 days
  • Experience of more than 30 years
  • Specialized laboratories
  • According to customer standards and specifications

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