Powder analysis laboratory

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The 6NAPSE Group performs powder analysis as part of product quality and compliance control.

As part of quality control and product validation and/or development, manufacturers require an analysis of their powders. They thus check the compliance of many parameters such as morphology, particle size (grain size), physical characterizations (flow properties, density, slope angle, etc.) and the chemical nature of the powder.

Powder analysis in Laboratory

The 6NAPSE Group laboratories carry out the characterization of all types of powders (metallic, organic, mineral powders), of all shapes and sizes (from nanometer to millimeter).

We carry out 4 types of powder analysis: particle size analysis, morphological analysis, physical characterization and chemical analysis.

Particle size analysis of powders

Measurement of particle size within a powder, measurement of powder characteristics, identification of particle size and shape, etc. (laser granulometry, morphological particle analyzer, powder characterization tools)

Morphological analysis of powders

Measurement of the particle size distribution of powders according to their shape parameters and very precise grain analysis (morphological powder analyzer)

Physical characterization of powders

Determination of the properties of the physical behavior of the powder and verification of its response to the specifications in a situation of storage, transport, flow, etc. (Slope angle, tapped density/tapped density/apparent density, flowability on hall cone, carney or flodex, avalanche angle by Revolution)

Chemical analysis of powders

Determination of the nature of the powders and their chemical composition (semi-quantitative analysis in SEM-EDX, quantitative analysis in ICP-AES/MS for the inorganic, analysis by IRTF for the organic)


  • Ceramic powder analysis
  • Metal powder analysis
  • Plastic powder analysis
  • Analysis of metal powder grades
  • Identification of the nature of an organic powder
  • Measurement of the particle size distribution of a powder
  • Validation of raw material for pharmaceutical / cosmetic products
  • Validation of particle size in metal powders in the context of additive manufacturing

Our similar services

  • Nanoparticles analysis
  • Analysis of foreign bodies and deposits
  • Single Particle Analysis: Determine Particle Origin (Organic, Inorganic)
  • Powder analysis
    • Particle size analysis: measurement of the size of particles within a powder (characteristics of the powder, identification of the size and shape of the particles, etc.)
    • Morphological analysis of powders
    • Physical characterization of powders
    • Chemical analysis of powders

6NAPSE Group assets

  • Complete validation plan (support for all tests of a standard)
  • Extensive experience in particle size analysis and knowledge of many powder profiles
  • Large powder analysis equipment fleet and wide variety of analysis types
  • Short analysis times

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