Chemical compatibility testing

essais de tenue aux fluides

The 6NAPSE Group carries out chemical compatibility analysis with resistance tests of coatings to fluids (immersion and spray).

Whether it is constant contact or accidental contact, products can be exposed to fluids or chemical compounds that can cause damage.

To ensure the fluid resistance of the product, the 6NAPSE Group performs qualification and validation tests to reproduce this exposure. All industrial sectors are concerned: aeronautics, space, automotive, rail, luxury (jewelry and watchmaking)….

The goal is to demonstrate that the product is not sensitive and will not deteriorate when in contact with chemical contaminants. Thus, these tests make it possible to validate the processes and choices, to qualify the suppliers or to determine the behavior of new materials or treatments.

Chemical compatibility testing

To simplify studies and the choice of products, the 6NAPSE Group uses standardized protocols. Our laboratories test the capacity of a material to resist the chemical aggression of a contaminant which would lead to its degradation (in appearance and/or function).

The fluid resistance tests will consist of bringing the fluid and the product into contact. The application methods are multiple: spray, soaking, immersion, contact with a soaked fabric…
Then, the laboratory monitors a storage period (at room temperature, temperature, etc.).

Application cases

  • Exposure of electric batteries to different fluids (engine oil, grease, brake fluid, soapy water, car wash products, de-icer, etc.)
  • Validation of aeronautical or military equipment
  • Sweat resistance of watches (watchmaking) or jewelry (jewellery)
  • Qualification of automotive and mobility equipment


RTCA DO160 – section 11 – (or EUROCAE ED-14G), NF ISO 28121, ISO 16750-5, ISO 7628 :2010, ISO 3160-2, MIL-STD-810 (section 504 for chemical compatibility), NIHS 96-50, standard VOLVO 1026,8177 or Renault Nissan RNES-B-00090 v2.0 D49 3253, manufacturer standards…

Types of fluids for spray or immersion test:

  • Fuels
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Brake fluid
  • Lubricating oils (engine, gearbox)
  • Solvents and cleaning agents
  • Coffee, soda, water, …
  • Sweat
  • Insecticides
  • Disinfectant
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Electrical fluids (batteries)
  • De-icing fluids (De-icing, Ethylene Glycol, SAE, …)

6NAPSE Group assets

  • Possibility of testing on large parts
  • Complete validation plan (support for all tests of a standard)

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