Characterization of the mechanical and acoustic properties of materials

The 6NAPSE Group carries out the characterization of the mechanical and acoustic properties of materials. In particular, it offers its expertise in the field of materials on the themes of acoustics and vibrations.

Optimize your products according to material characteristics

The 6NAPSE Group analyzes the vibro-acoustic characteristics of materials such as:

  • Young’s modulus and shear 
  • Poisson ratio
  • Damping
  • Dynamic stiffness
  • Sound absorption coefficient
  • Sound reduction index
  • Insertion loss

We conduct several types of investigations: material characterization tests, knowledge of acoustics and vibration, simulation and development of experimental and numerical methods.

Testing means

  • Small Cabin : sound insulation of materials and components.
  • Alpha Cabin and a Kundt Tube (29/100 mm and 44mm): absorbent properties of porous materials.
  • Oberst method: damping properties of viscoelastic materials
  • Dynamic stiffness bench : elastic properties of a material.
  • Squeak & Rattle test bench: acoustic influence of acoustic treatment devices (strips, sheaths or tubes) applied to a cable or cable bundle.
  • Poisson’s ratio characterization bench: predict the vibro-acoustic behavior of systems incorporating viscoelastic polymers (or other materials).
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) of materials : mechanical properties of the material under stress depending on frequency and/or temperature (traction, compression, shear on embedded sample and bending on “free-free” sample).
  • Characterization of the mechanical properties of a large surface: identification of stiffness, damping and Young’s modulus.

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  • Characterization of dynamic mechanical properties (modulus and damping) of viscoelastic materials, plastics, alloys, composites, etc.
  • Characterization of the acoustic properties of porous materials
  • Absorption coefficient and attenuation index measurement
  • Measurement of the gross insulation of a multilayer complex or of a room
  • Identification of a porous material model or a poro-elastic model
  • Modeling of damping treatments, multilayer materials, composites

Measurement of the sound absorption coefficient of a polymer foam for different temperatures

Identification of an equivalent fluid model for a polyurethane foam and correlation with the impedance tube measurement


caractérisation vibroacoustique matériaux

Means of mechanical and acoustic characterization

DMA analyse mécanique dynamique

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

caractérisation vibroacoustique matériaux

Scanning laser vibrometry

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