Analysis and test laboratory for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The 6NAPSE Group characterizes your pharmaceutical products and qualifies your packaging.

These tests can be carried out on any pharmaceutical product and packaging: bottles, syringes, tubes, pill boxes, tablets / capsules, sachets, blisters, spray bottles, cartons, etc.

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Pharmaceutical product

Characterization of pharmaceutical products and validation of medicine

  • Characterization of foreign bodies and failure analysis: identification of the morphology, nature and source of contamination within the framework of analysis of deposits and particles
  • Nanoparticles characterization
  • Chemical analysis
  • Analysis according to the Pharmacopoeia: quality control of pharmaceutical products and drugs
  • Characterization of powders and particle size analysis
  • Aging tests on pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical packaging 

Validation of pharmaceutical packaging throughout the logistics cycle

  • Materials analysis
    • Surface analysis
    • Mechanical characterization
    • Thickness measurement
    • Change of appearance
    • Resistance of paints and coatings
  • Failure expertise
    • Rouging
    • Corrosion
    • Fractography
  • Environmental tests
    • Climatic and hot/cold/humid
    • Thermal shock
    • Salt spray
    • UV/QSUN
    • Fluid susceptibility tests (bulk tests)
  • Qualification tests
    • Transport and logistics test
    • Storage, fall, vibration, sealing
  • R&D support for the Pharmaceutical Industry
pharmaceutique seringue packaging emballage vaccin test

6NAPSE Group assets

  • Analyses et Surface laboratory of the 6NAPSE Group has COFRAC accreditation (n°1-1720) for the sampling and characterization of foreign bodies (particles, fibres) by Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with X-ray Microanalysis (SEM-EDX) , stereoscopy and infrared microscopy (IRTF).
    (scope available on
  • Reactivity: emergency possibility 1-3 working days
  • Materials database of several thousand references


  • Expertise of failure and identification of particles on syringes, vials and tablets / capsules
  • Qualification for the transport of all types of packaging (e.g. bags, boxes)
  • Validation of vaccine safety

Custom Protocols:
standards ISTA, ASTM, NF EN 868, ISO 11607

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