6NAPSE Group

Engineering office and laboratory expertise for Industry

We support industry in the development, qualification and optimization of products. The 6NAPSE Group relies on the expertise of its laboratories and test centers.


  • Simulation
  • Testing
  • Engineering
  • Materials expertise

We adapt to your requests:
from the simple unit service to the global project.

The 6NAPSE Group offers different levels of intervention to industries. On the one hand, we are able to support a specific service delivery, by a specific type of analysis or test.

On the other hand, we implement complete study contracts, with a global approach and pooled expertise, to deal with an entire industrial project.


  • Work package products
  • Standard service
  • Custom expertise
  • Outsourced R&D



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simulation modélisation calculs

Simulation and computation

The 6NAPSE Group offers a complete offer for your multiphysics simulations using various CAD, meshing and calculation tools. Our design office supports you throughout the development of your product: help with sizing, geometry preparation, creation of mesh and finite element models, analysis of results and recommendations.



Manufacturers rely on the expertise of our design office to develop their products: from concept to final product.

The 6NAPSE Group supports product development on the NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) aspect. Our vocation is to solve the daily problems encountered in acoustics, vibration and reliability. The vibro-acoustic optimization of a product inexorably passes through a precise identification of the main vibro-acoustic phenomena encountered in the various life situations.
We also carry out power electronics design and validation.


nvh acoustique

Laboratories and Test Centers

The 6NAPSE Group brings together test and expertise centers dedicated to optimization and qualification. The 6NAPSE Group enables manufacturers to make assembled systems more reliable. We are involved in all phases of a V cycle of a product.


For the Industry

Our expertise and our equipment represent a major asset for manufacturers from all walks of life: aeronautics and space, agri-food, automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, additive manufacturing, energy, industry, legal, packaging, pharmaceuticals, sport and leisure, transport.


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Medical devices


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Luxury / Jewelry - Watchmaking



Sport and leisure

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Marine industries

Automotive and transport


Aeronautics and aerospace


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Electrification - batteries

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Additive manufacturing

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Industrial production

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Legal expertises