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Surface treatment analysis laboratory

analyse traitement surface

The 6NAPSE Group supports manufacturers in the analysis and testing of surface treatment.

Surface treatments are mechanical, chemical, electrical or physical treatments performed on the surface of a part. Their purpose is to modify the function or appearance of the surface, with a view to improving its properties for use.

Indeed, the treatments result in the improvement of the mechanical properties, the reduction of the coefficients of friction, the resistance to corrosion and wear, or even the modification of the appearance.

The surface treatment of materials is of great importance in several sectors: aerospace, automotive, medical, electrical, construction, etc.

Laboratory for surface treatment analysis and testing

Thanks to our equipment and expertise, which represent a major asset for manufacturers from all walks of life, the 6NAPSE Group supports manufacturers in the control and characterization of surface treatments:

Why have your surface treatment analyzed or tested?

The aim of this approach is to enable manufacturers to:

  • Development and optimization of the production process
  • Select a treatment or a deposit and check the compliance of its properties with the specifications required by the final application
  • Guarantee the reliability of the surface treatment and ensure its proper functioning


  • Study of the aging of a paint in a climatic chamber: qualification for aging in temperature and humidity
  • Analysis of plastic coating on finished product (surface varnish, paints, etc.)
  • Analysis of elemental impurities presented on the surface of materials
  • Fracture analysis of a steel part following surface heat treatment: sudden or fatigue fracture
  • Damp heat tests on waterproof connectors
  • Characterization on cut a control of porosity rate
  • Mold thickness check
  • Study of friction between different deposits

6NAPSE Group assets

  • Complete validation plan (support for all tests of a standard)
  • All the controls, tests and analyzes of our laboratories are carried out in compliance with the quality criteria of our industrial customers
  • Short standard deadlines and possibilities of urgent care

Surface treatment processes

The surface of a mechanical part is a vulnerable area exposed to phenomena of failure, fretting, wear and friction, over time or following bad practice.

Indeed, mechanics and materials specialists use different surface treatment techniques for mechanical design and performance improvement.

  • Heat treatments: consists of thermally modifying the metallurgical structure of a part, in order to increase the qualities and surface mechanical properties such as hardness, resistance to corrosion and wear, etc.
  • Wet surface treatments: the processes necessary to obtain a coating without defects, by electrolytic, chemical reaction or galvanizing process, by a bath treatment containing the material to be deposited.
  • Dry surface treatments: gas or plasma process, vapor phase deposition (CVD and PVC), shot blasting, etc.

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